Pawleys Island Toilet Repair

Are your toilets acting up? You don’t want to take any chances. Overflowing, leaking or clogged toilets can lead to unsanitary conditions. They can also cause damage in the home. If you notice signs of your toilets not working properly, call Pipe Doctors for immediate Pawleys Island toilet repair. With flexible scheduling and on time appointments, we’ll have your home up and running in no time!


Types of Toilet Repair Services

Toilets, like other fixtures in the home, are not perfect. Things can happen that cause them to stop working. Sometimes, the problems are easy to fix. Other times, there may be more serious issues such as backed up sewer lines that need to be repaired. Whatever the issue is, our Pawleys Island toilet plumbing services are equipped to handle it.

Below are the Pawleys Island toilet repair services that we’re happy to provide to our customers.

  • Clogged toilet. Whether the plunging didn’t work or you’re constantly having to unclog the toilet, there’s a problem. Most likely, there’s an obstruction somewhere down the pipe or possibly even in the sewer line.
  • Running toilet. If your toilet continues to run long after flushing, it’s probably the flush valve or overflow pipe. With toilet repair in Pawleys Island SC, you can get the underlying issue repaired and stop wasting water!
  • Toilet replacement. If you need a new toilet, our Pawleys Island toilet plumbing services will provide you with reliable, efficient toilet installation. We have many makes and models to choose from, ranging from basic to futuristic.


Why Choose Pipe Doctors

Don’t turn a blind eye to toilet problems. If they are not corrected, they can lead to serious damage and unsanitary conditions in the home. Pipe Doctors has flexible appointments, affordable pricing and a 24-hour emergency service. Our plumbers are licensed and insured, and our owners aren’t afraid to come out on service calls. We are a hands-on company that always puts our customers first.

To learn more about our Pawleys Island toilet repair services, give us a call today!

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