Murrells Inlet Toilet Repair

Are your toilets giving you a headache? Problems like slow flushing toilets and leaky fixtures are a sure sign that you need Murrells Inlet toilet repair services. If you don’t get your toilets repaired, you could run into bigger problems later on. And, you know by now that bigger problems mean more money and more work!


Murrells Inlet Toilet Plumbing Services

Here at Pipe Doctors, we are prepared for toilet repair in Murrells Inlet SC, no matter how messy it gets! Our licensed, certified plumbers can repair leaky toilets, overflowing toilets and even more serious problems like backed up sewer lines.

If it turns out that you need a new porcelain throne to sit on, we can help with that too! We carry many makes and models of toilets, so let us help you choose a great one for your bathroom.


Let’s look closer at the Murrells Inlet toilet plumbing services that we offer.

  • Clogged toilets. It’s not uncommon for toilets to be clogged, but there’s something very wrong if they’re backing up all the time or you can’t get the plunger to work. It’s possible that your sewer lines need professional attention.
  • Leaking toilets. If your toilet is leaking, it can lead to unsanitary conditions plus damage your walls or flooring. Our Murrells Inlet toilet repair services will determine where the leak is coming from. We can either repair the leak or install a new toilet.
  • Toilet installation. Our plumbers will happily install a new toilet if you need one. Let us help you select the right one for your bathroom. We have many energy efficient models to choose from!

A healthy plumbing system results in good working toilets! To learn more about our protocol for Murrells Inlet toilet repair, call Pipe Doctors today! We have flexible appointments, a 24-hour emergency service and friendly technicians to walk you through the next steps.

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