Murrells Inlet Leak Detection

Murrells Inlet Leak Detection

Do you suspect a leak in your home? If so, it’s important to get help immediately from a trusted Murrells Inlet leak detection company. Even small leaks can cause a great deal of damage in the home. Because the pipes run beneath the foundation of the home, as well as in the walls and underground, advanced diagnostic equipment is essential. Get the answers you need from Pipe Doctors.


We’re Doctors for Underground Pipes!

Just as there are doctors to treat illnesses, there are doctors to treat broken pipes – and that’s us! Pipe Doctors has been serving residential and commercial properties for over 5 years and we have built many wonderful relationships during this time. Our Murrells Inlet water leak repair services are affordable, on time and carried out by our friendly technicians or owners. All work is guaranteed and includes a 1 year warranty.


Signs Your Home Needs Murrells Inlet Water Leak Repair

Not all homeowners are aware of when to call out a company for Murrells Inlet leak detection. We always tell our customers it’s better to be safe than sorry. Water can wreak havoc on a home, especially when you can’t see what it’s doing.

Here are some signs that leak detection in Murrells Inlet SC may be needed.

  • Puddles, stains and discoloration on the floors and ceiling
  • Low water pressure from sinks and showers
  • Sound of running water in the walls
  • Water bills that are higher than average
  • Puddles, wet spots or warping on the flooring

Basically, any sign of water running in the home when it shouldn’t be is a cause for concern! Pipe Doctors looks forward to serving your needs and protecting your home from water damage. Call us today to learn more about our Murrells Inlet leak detection services – and ask about how you can save 10% off your first plumbing repair!

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